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We are committed to provide various kind of solutions in electronic problems, mechanical problems, mechatronic system, robotic and software development

MInD Mechatronic Intelligent Design Sdn Bhd (1189528-D)

MInD is a company based on Mechatronics Engineering which includes several main branches of Mechatronics systems, software engineering, electrical and electronics, mechanical and control.

We offer a variety of services such as the development of the prototype machine, small and large scale, design and create electronic circuits, software development (software), design of mechanical systems and machines, consultancy services and mechatronic components trading.

Mission: to make mechatronics and robotics engineering better known in all industries such as education, small and large industry, agricultures, livestock and the other industry in Malaysia

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Our Services

MInD provide various kind of services regarding on Mechatronic & Robotics
including prototyping & product making also.

Prototyping Project

Prototyping project for any tech product, system, etc. We help you make it from idea to working prototype.

CNC machining & 3D Printing

Submit your drawing & we will quot for you or you can our designer to design it for you.

Software & Firmware Development

Software & firmware development including GUI, UI, mobile appss, IOT, Arduino, raspberry pi, PLC, etc...

Automation & Robotics

We can develop for you and automation system for factory. Now, 1 of our new product is Automated Guided Vehicle use in factory.

Mechanical Design & Construct

We can design & construct mechanical system to solve your problems. Submit your drawing & we will quot for you or you can our designer to design it for you.

Electronic Design & Fabricate

We do design & PCB fabrication with good quality & low price. Submit your inquiry now!

Our Works

Images from our several past projects

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